Fundamentals of Traditional Ethiopian Church Painting
Theory and Practice
Addis Abeba, February 26th - March 7th, 2007

Ethiopia is still a country, which kept the secret of old recipes until today. Only few investigations on Ethiopian paintings have been made abroad. Most of the material of the huge collections of manuscripts, paintings on church walls and icons in Ethiopia has still not been investigated: without the knowledge of the ingredients of the traditional used colours conservation and restoration of these objects of Ethiopian heritage cannot be done properly and scientifically. The huge Christian heritage in Ethiopia needs both the combined support of the traditional painters and modern scientists: Their work and cooperation will shed light on the work of the old masters, their life and will help for deeper understanding of tradition.

Huge parts of the Cultural Heritage of Ethiopia belong to the sanctuaries of the Orthodox Church. Academics, painters and the clergy of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church should share their knowledge and come to a fruitful cooperation for the benefit of this unique cultural heritage. This workshop is an important step in this direction.

Holy Trinity Theological College (HTTC), Addis Ababa.
The „chapel“ on the compound of HTTC, an old munition depot of the Italian Army.

more than 30; (expected were only 10-15!). I am very thankful to these professors who be permitted their students to leave their running lectures and attend my workshop.
Date of origin:
Fall 2006: Christine Chaillot and Anna (Annegret) Marx met at the ORBIS AETHIOPICUS–Conference in Vienna and decided to cooperate in a workshop on Colours at HTTC in spring 2007. Anna received the official invitation from Abune Timoteos for the workshop in January 2007. Local organizer was Daniel Felleke of the Research Department of HTTC.
Christine Chaillot
Annegret Marx Daniel Felleke

Material and tools for practical work:
Paper, parchment, wooden panels, earths from Entoto, commercial pigments, gummi arabicum, eggs, kolla (glue) and gesso (gypsum); kitchen tools, pens, brushes.

Schedule and further plans.

Pictures on parchment painted by the students during the workshop

All of us celebrated together the end of the workshop with a traditional (fasting) meal.

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April, 2007

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